The Programming Languages for Artificial Intelligence (PLAI) group at UBC was founded by Professor Frank Wood in 2018 after his move from Oxford to UBC.

Our aim is to go beyond Deep Learning techniques using applied probabilistic machine learning for real-world applications. In collaboration with partners from across industry and academia we are developing production-quality, open-source software with applications in computational neuroscience, image recognition, robotics and AI.

The tools we develop are applied to problems ranging from neuroscience to particle physics to engineering manufacturing, while also pushing the limits of our fundamental knowledge in computer science and machine learning.

The PLAI Group is involved in several collaborations including the DARPA Data Driven Discovery Models (D3M) , DARPA Learning with Limited Labels (LwLL), and the UBC DSI-CRN Data-centric Manufacturing programs. We are also an Intel Parallel Computing Centre.

Group Photo